Cielo Verde Development Community Information


Desert Mesa School (Grades K-5)

2350 S. Avenue 7 1/2 E.
Yuma, Arizona 85365
Phone: (928) 502.8600
Fax: (928) 502.8675

Boundary Map – Desert Mesa School

James B. Rolle (Grades K-5)

2711 Engler Avenue
Yuma, Arizona 85365
Phone: (928) 502.8200
Fax: (928) 502.8289

Boundary Map – James B. Rolle

Castle Dome Middle School (Grades 6-8)

2353 S. Otondo Drive
Yuma, Arizona 85365
Phone: (928) 502.7300
Fax: (928) 502.7395

Boundary Map – Castle Dome Middle School

Gila Ridge High School

7150 E. 24th Street
Yuma, Arizona 85365
Phone: (928) 502-6400
Fax: (928) 502.6749

Boundary Map for Gila Ridge High School

Arizona Western College 

2020 S Avenue 8E
Yuma, Arizona 85365
Phone: (928) 317-6000

Northern Arizona University – Yuma 

2020 S Avenue 8E
Yuma, Arizona 85365
Phone: (928) 317-6400

There are a variety of charter and private schools available in the Yuma area.

Further information can be found on Charter and Private Schools


Click on the link below to see a list of Churches in the area.



Foothills Walk-in Medical Care

Replogle Medical Clinic

Pinnacle Health Care

Yuma Regional Medical Center



Wells Farge Bank – Cielo Verde 

8225 E. 32ND STREET
Yuma, Arizona 85365
Phone: (928) 317-3700

Panda Express

Del Taco

McDonalds (in Walmart)

Victra – Verizon Dealer

Sally’s Beauty Supply

Advanced Audiology & Hearing Aids

Cost Cutters

8E Laundry

Walmart Supercenter

4th Avenue Gym (early 2019)



Foothills Branch Library